European Voluntary Service


European Voluntary Service (EVS) support  transnational voluntary service of young people.

It aspires to develop solidarity and promote telorance among young people, primarly to reinforce social cohesion in the Europian Union. It promotes active citizenship and enhances mutual understanding among young people. EVS is a “learning” service:  throughout  non-formal learning experiences, young volunteers improve and/or acquire competences for their personal, educational and professional development as well as for their social integration.

The learning  elements consist of a mutually agreed definition of the expected learning outcomes, processes and methods, the certification of the acquired competences, the participation of the volunteer in the EVS training cycle and the continued provision of task-related, linguistic and personal support, including a crisis prevention and management mechanism.

EVS is implemented through activities organized in partnership between legally established organizations, which send or host volunteers.An EVS activity is composed of preparation, voluntary activity and follow-up. The volunteer carries out the voluntary activity in a country other than his/her country of residence.One activity can be short term up two 2 month and long term up to 12 months.

An EVS activity can take place in a variety of areas: culture, youth, sports, social care, arts, environment etc.The European Volunteer Service Porgramme is financed by Erasmus + Programme of European Commision.

Youth Act Center is accreditated from European Commision Programme to be Sending, Hosting and Coordinating organization to develop European Volunteer Service.