Why I love reading books.

Why I love reading books

And why you should also love it

 By Kei Hysi

For all those that do not yet know (shame on you though) I love reading. And by reading I mean reading all kinds of books (okay maybe not all, but worthy books) and different articles. I started reading books on my own when I learned how to read and I just fell in love with books, that simple. Reading books in my childhood it really made me watch things in a different perspective, gave me a lot of imagination and I was never bored or alone. A book is your loyal friend, we have heard or read this quotation a hundred times maybe and that is because it is true. No matter where, how or when your book will always be there by your side inviting you in its amazing world full of characters and places and stories you have never dreamed of. Just wow!

Anyway spending a lot of time reading helped me in many ways. Here are some of them:

  • Your vocabulary will expand

More books you read more words and concepts you learn. About 800-1000 new words are added to English dictionary every year, which is a lot. Where can you learn them better than in books and articles? This will also affect your communication skills by making them better.

  • Your writing skills will be great

This one will really help you in your essays, and I’m not talking here about high school essays, but academic writings in university when you have to write about 3000 words essays. And if you are a book lover (like me) it will be a piece of cake. And you will also start loving to write so much that you will write articles in your free time (like I’m doing right now). But of course not all people that like to read like to write too, and that’s totally normal.

  • You will have a better understanding of yourself, people and the world

Reading many books will allow you to know many characters, some of them are imaginary, some are famous historic people, some scientists, philosophers, and some ordinary people. And almost in every one you will find a piece of yourself. Maybe in their thoughts, or life style, or their experiences you will feel this connection. You will find a friend, somebody that finally understands you, you will find characters that are as weird as you are, isn’t that great?

Because of reading books of different writers from all over the world, you will learn not to judge people, you will learn to respect them and to understand their life style, their point of view, their religion, their way of dressing. You will let go of any stupid boundary that tries to separate us and will think instead of all of us as human beings.

And that’s how you understand the world. You’ll read books from great philosophers and then combining them all you’ll create your own philosophy in life. You’ll read about different religions and you’ll finally understand that is all about sharing love and virtues and helping each other. You’ll define your own religion. You’ll read psychological books and you’ll have a better understanding of yourself, your thoughts and other people’s thoughts and actions. You’ll read books about self development and you’ll understand how important is positive thinking in life and how thoughts have power to change your life. You’ll read about science, and learn how wonderful everything around you is (including you). You will read autobiographies and biographies and learn about people, how their life wasn’t always perfect, their struggles, their victories, what made them great.

You will read so many books and you will learn from each of them, from every page. You will start to make a difference from great books, good books and not worthy books that are here just “so called writers” can make money. And you will see a difference between people that read and people who don’t. Look I’m not saying you to close yourself in your room and just read, even though if you are an introvert person (def: a person that tries to avoid large groups and feels better alone) this will be a great choice. I’m just saying you to read when you have a free time, or when you are feeling bored.  I am also a person that believes that to learn something you have to try it, that’s why reading will not be everything if you do not experience life. No, I’m not being contradictory, I’m being honest. Read books but also go out and meet people, travel around and learn about different cultures. Maybe someday your story will be worth reading, who knows.