Get the Youth vote


‘Get the Youth Vote’ is an initiative that promotes youth involvement and civic education in the democratic process of elections in Albania. It engages a group of students who understand their role in protecting the interests of their peers and do something good for the community, reaching out through face-to-face meetings with youngsters in almost all public and private high schools in the main cities of Albania (about 20,000 youth) promoting voting rights and educating youth on the importance of their vote. Some of the main aims are:

  • To make information related to elections, available and accessible to all youth constituents.
  • To increase participation through district forums, radio, television ads, and the web.
  • To encourage young people to ask questions on election candidates through outreach campaigns.
  • To aware them on national and international electoral systems, public speech, campaigning techniques and voting issues.
  • To qualify a student group for being able to promote the voting campaign to young population and to aware them for their rights as free citizens.