Young Generation against Violence


Ending violence against women requires change at every level of our society — from governmental systems, workplaces, schools, and services, local communities, and down to individual relationships and behaviors to the family. The other part of this initiative is the awareness of high school students, girls and boys, to be peaceful citizens in the family and the society fighting against any discrimination toward women and girls. This awareness is done through seminars for talking about domestic violence illustrated with movies on this phenomenon and discussing and expressing the opinion about the film and issues treated inspiring them to give samples from their life as well.

Students of high schools obtain information and aware about domestic violence and why we try to have a quiet and peaceful family which is reflected in a peaceful society that promote a better life for everybody. It’s very important the discussion will be with boys and girls together, in the way they can share opinions on the issue and trying together to work for a better future in their families. The students will learn about legislation on protection of women and girls rights and the victims of domestic violence.

"Youth Voice in Prevention of Violence against Children"

This initiative engages adolescents and school psychologists of rural areas of Tirana in an awareness raising campaign and to be activists of protecting their rights and the rights of their peers through workshops and informing sessions. Within this initiative school psychologist are trained on how to deal with cases of violence with students in the schools and address them to the right institutions.

The youngsters in rural area engage in raising their voices against violence in schools, by open discussions with youngsters, about gender concepts, different activities focusing on children’s rights, surveys, etc resulting in helping their peers become confident in raising the voice against this spread phenomena in the Albanian society.

Stop Violence against Women

This initiative focuses on the young generation, by involving them to be promoters of gender equality, we will have better future for young girls, resulting in change of behavior and attitudes toward this matter.

‘Ending Violence Against Women’ aims to engage students and teachers of high schools in different cities of Albania in an awareness raising campaign and to be activists of protecting woman and girls rights in the fight against violence in schools, by online media campaigns, open discussions with youngsters about gender concepts and different activities focusing on gender equality.