Citizen, Democracy and Participation

The mission of this sector is to foster an inclusive culture of youth leadership development, community involvement, and programming in order to develop a socially just community of lifelong learners. We aspire to provide a safe, supportive environment that values the identities, beliefs, and abilities of all young people in Albania. We engage in dialogue, provide training, and develop programs that support our commitment to create an active, inclusive and sensitive to all community issues.

Goals to achieve:

  • Promotion of voluntary initiatives to help the community;
  • To encourage a lifetime commitment to community involvement as an integral part of a satisfying life;
  • To nurture a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship;
  • To cultivate an awareness of human circumstances and differences that extends beyond the student’s typical classroom or home experience;
  • To help youth develop self-esteem and self-reliance through substantive responsibility and committed work ethic, including skills of independence;
  • To elicit reflective, empathic and sensitive personal responses to the needs and experiences of others.

Youth Act Commitments:

  1. Social Services (Development and housing, health, Business and professional associations and unions, etc…..)
  2. Religion
  3. Fundraising and Voluntarism Promotion
  4. Law, advocacy and politics
  5. Environment