Youth Against Corruption


Youth against Corruption has been conceived and designed as a project of Youth Act in collaboration with High Schools in Albania for continuous education training on anticorruption issues. Corruption in the country soars and youth continue to see themselves hopeless in their homeland. The project

By empowering this age-group with the knowledge and hope through educative training sessions which will be designed based on the outcomes of their survey answers, Albanian youngsters CAN and WILL rise to change their own future and destiny. This initiative will enhance education of youth on recognizing patterns of corruption and encourage them to actively participate fighting this phenomenon in their community.

The young people will engage in trainings, monitoring, and advocating anticorruption in their community. They will experience volunteering and will be trained. Through a series of trainings, seminars, constructive debates and awareness campaigns, this project aims at increasing youth awareness about the different “faces” that corruption takes in their community.

The project will train through its experts the Youth (100) of 5 main High School in 5 Albanian cities (Tirana – Vlora – Korca – Shkoder – Peshkopi) as youth mentors and ambassadors of anticorruption. The trained young people will organize workshops/presentation, lead online forums, initiate anticorruption campaigns and monitor and report the cases of corruption in their community.

Implementation date: October 2015 – May 2016

Donor: This project is funded by Democracy Commision  Small Grants of USA Embassy