School as a Community Center


Creating a model of the school as community center for sustainable development through the implementation of the 5 components essential, in 5 high schools from different regions of the country, as well as promoting interaction active among them  exchange and dissemination of best practices to create enabling an effective network gymnasium and an ecosystem of sustainable development and innovation that create opportunities to improve learning with an emphasis on experiential learning and community inclusion.

Target High Schools :

28 Nëntori
Halim Xhelo
Seit Najdeni
Raqi Qirinxhi
Andon Zako Cajupi

“Youth Act” Center under the project “School Community Center” has given 1800 cards for schools that were targeted for this project.

Respectively are given to:

High School in Shkodra “28 Nëntori”, donated 400 cards, “Halim Xhelo” in Vlora 300 cards, “Seit Najdeni” Peshkopi 200 cards, “Raqi Qirinxhi” Korçë 300 cards and high school “Andon Zako Cajupi” in Tirana donated 600 cards.

Being cardholders students have the opportunity to receive discounts, advantages and offers over 200 businesses in Tirana and in 36 European countries. Students were informed about the possibilities of activation and participation in projects and youth competitions, information on scholarships and internship and abroad.