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Youth for Sustainable Development

The main goal of this initiative is to strengthen the skills and capacities of young boys and girls from disadvantaged areas and groups in Tirana Municipality, and to motivate them to become active members of the community providing their contribution through the implementation of small-scale projects with a big impact for the mentality of the school and the community. The main points are:

To support the young students living in disadvantaged areas and conditions to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and skills.

Promote ideas, give assistance to design a project, develop a business plan and prepare good selling presentations.

To increase knowledge and life skill of young students living in disadvantaged areas and conditions. This project proposal will help create additional possibilities for young students of age 14-18 by increasing of extracurricular learning opportunities for young people on life skills and training sessions.

To promote and increase activism and active leadership of the students with less opportunities, in the community.